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Why Use Solar Power at home?

For less dependency on Eskom, lower electricity costs, and load shedding protection, thousands of homeowners are installing solar power systems. In contrast to during the day when solar power generation is at its highest, the majority of electricity utilized in a home is used in the early morning and late evening. Because of this, we advise employing an off-grid or hybrid system with lithium battery storage to store solar energy produced during the day and use all of this saved energy to power your home’s lighting and appliances at night.


In the event of load shedding or power outages, the battery storage system offers backup power.

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How it works

Solar energy is captured by solar panels, which then transforms it into electricity and provides it to the inverter. One of the most crucial parts of a solar power system, the inverter serves two crucial purposes. It draws energy from the solar panels, uses it to charge the batteries, and changes the DC energy from the solar panels and batteries into 230V AC. Your home is then supplied with AC energy to run your lighting and appliances. You don’t need to replace any of your appliances or lighting.


Your battery storage system is charged using any extra solar energy that is generated but not consumed during the day. In the evenings or when there is not enough solar energy to meet your needs, the battery storage system powers your inverter. When there is not enough solar and battery power available, the system uses an automatic switch change to make sure you always have power from Eskom. By doing this, you can nearly always count on having access to electricity day and night.

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Our Trusted Brands

The Green Generation’s mission is to be the very best in our class through exceptional installation performance and effective communication in a timely and cost effective manner.​ This is why we only source the best solar panels available. 

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Grid Tied System

Widely used by homes and business, this system enables you to keep your connection to the public electricity grid to buy power at night-times (and when its cloudy). Your solar inverter will work harmoniously with grid power to intelligently use all solar power first and before drawing any power from the grid.

The Green Generation - Grid Tie System
On Your Monthly Usage

Residential Installations

In several markets across South Africa, utility spending tends to increase in an unpredictable manner. Now that solar technology and financial planning have advanced to a revolutionary level, switching to solar energy is more accessible for those who own homes.

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On Monthly Usage

Commercial Installations

Solar power can and should be used not only at a private level by individuals, but also as a device for routine energy saving by both commercial and government sectors.

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Full Control With The APP

Monitor & Control

Take control of your households energy usage by linking your Solar installation to one of many third party APP’s. This will allow you to monitor in real time the production of electricity and the consumption in your property.

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